The team at Snehsattva Oils is immensely focused on bringing food which our ancestors consumed for thousands of years and from nature available to everyone at affordable prices.

Our journey has humble beginnings. Our mission is to “help customers to live healthy life with affordable prices, by innovative manufacturing processes and quality management”. We want to push people towards healthy food choices. We decided to begin with the most basic and indispensable ingredient of Indian cooking – edible oils.

Our oils are made from the finest quality food grade seeds sourced from farms in Allover India. We take utmost care to preserve their true nutrition, flavor, and aroma.

  • 24 X 7 Processing Capacity - MIDC Location
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Government Compliances - FSAII and GST Licencee

Natural and Chemical Free...

That’s the way of life our ancestors suggested us and we are here to help you follow healthy and happy life with all natural, chemical free and affordable prices.

This is our effort to Make, Promote & Deliver amazing things discovered by our ancestors to ensure well-being of people.

This land has a great legacy of thousands of years of culture, traditions, research and science. Our ancestors shared their wisdom with us through various scriptures, be it Yoga, Ayurved, Rasayanshastra and many other ancient scriptures. Be it food we eat, Exercise we do, clothes we wear or fragrances we smell, this land had discovered ways of enjoying life and staying healthy and happy by staying in harmony with nature.

We firmly believe that all we have to do to be happy and healthy is to connect with our own roots. Just eliminate harmful toxic chemicals from our life, eat better quality of food and adopt a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

This thought encouraged us to build an ecosystem that provides a platform for manufacture, sell or look for authentic traditionally made Indian things.

With the blend of Online sales, Stores, delivery fleet, exhibitions and many other channels we intend to make pure and authentic things available to customers.

With our oil extraction unit based in greens near Satara and office in Pune we make sure fresh and pure products made in pollution free environment are available to you quick and hassle free.

Vision, Mission and values

Vision, Mission and values

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Provide healthy food ingredients to indians at affordable price

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To help customers to live healthy life with affordable prices, by innovative manufacturing processes and quality management

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  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Best in Quality

Reality Of Refined Oils

Here we would like to bring you to this fact. All the refined and double refined oils are processed using 6-7 chemicals in oil factories. When filtration process is done on cooking oils, it looses good cholesterol (HDL) from it and only remains is bad cholesterol (LDL) in oils. These oils are most dangerous for our health. It imbalances “Vaata” of our body and leads to the serious diseases like heart attack.

There is a misconception these days that using unfiltered oils are not recommended. However fact is completely different! Ayurveda recommends to use unfiltered and unrefined oils only. So correct your misconception and start using unfiltered raw oils today which are full of nutrients.

This video demonstrates the importance of using raw oils in our daily life.



Here is some feedback about our products from our valuable customers

Vineet Bharadwaj


I switched to cold pressed oil around five years back when the concept was fairly getting noticed. Took some while to figure out authentic taste even though we know immense benefits it has. Very happy to have chanced upon this brand on Amazon. As I work for Himachal Pradesh electricity department and my posting is at remote location, but delivery and availability of this oil is great. Have been using for so many years now. “Snehsattva” is consistent and best in quality. It's an amazing product with great service.

Harshal Shewale


Best one amongst I have ever purchased. I had also purchased Seasome oil of this brand. It was of very good quality. On this experience I purchased cold pressed groundnut oil and found of best quality as expected.

Sachin Shete


I am using groundnut oil since last 7-8 months and I wanted to give the rating for quality of oil is 10/10. I will highly recommend to buy the products offered by Sneh-Sattva with reasonable rates.

Anjali B


I am very particular when it comes to my family’s care and food habits. Once I understood ill effects of Refined oil, I was searching of authentic Cold pressed oil source; and I came across Snehsattva. So far quality and service of these people is awesome, and I am rest assured that I am feeding best to my family. Thank you Snehsattva for working for such a Nobel cause.


Uday G


I have been using his oil since 3 years. Their quality is awesome and consistent. Thanks for provide us an opportunity to use authentic cold pressed oils at affordable prices.




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